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Pokémon Shield – Nuzlocke Challenge

Part 11 – Opal

Lockie didn’t even have a chance to heal her Pokémon before being dragged into a commotion! The obnoxious Bede seems to be up to no good, and Lockie could do nothing but watch as Stow-On-Side’s famous mural crumbles under the force of Bede’s attacks!

It isn’t long before Bede is brought to justice and disqualified from the Gym Challenge! Lockie soon moves on to continue with her own Challenge and makes her way towards the Glimwood Tangle.

Deep within this dark thicket, Lockie found no shortage of trainers to battle, and plenty of wild Pokémon too. The first one to jump out at Lockie was a wild Shiinotic – and after a careful battle, it was successfully captured!

Sheila the Shiinotic joins Lockie’s team.

Lockie eventually reaches the other side of the Glimwood Tangle, and finds herself in the glowing village of Ballonlea. It’s a small place, but quite breathtaking in its own way. Lockie watches in awe as the wild Pokémon wander about the village quite happily, playing with the locals as they pass by. But she soon set her sights on her next destination – the Gym.

Whilst fighting through the forest, two members of the team evolved – Duncan and Stewart.

Jumping straight into the Gym, Lockie is surprised to discover that the mission in this particular Gym is actually an audition, as Opal is looking to retire as Ballonlea’s Gym leader! This must be the first time that Lockie has had to battle whilst answering questions shouted at her from afar.

Opal proved to be a tough ordeal for Lockie’s team – Duncan the Excadrill managed to sweep the majority of his opponents, but Alcremie almost got the better of him! In fact, it took three different Pokémon to take her down!

Eventually Lockie claimed victory, and without suffering any casualties! Although she earned her next badge, she was informed by Opal that she didn’t have the right stuff for the position. Just as well, seeing as she didn’t actually want the job!

As Lockie prepares to set off for Hammerlocke once more, Opal approaches her and offers her company for the road as she claims to have business there as well. And now Lockie must prepare to make her way to Circhester. The next Gym Leader specialises in ice types, so Lockie will be changing the team up once again.



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