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Pokémon Shield – Nuzlocke Challenge

Part 10 – Allister

It’s the day of Lockie’s next gym challenge. Her opponent today is Allister – a strange boy who specialises in ghost type Pokémon. The challenge in this particular gym is an unusal sort of teacups ride, with a few trainers to battle along the way.

It’s a good opportunity for Lockie to test some of her new friends, so Stewart the Skorupi and Tiffany the Toxtricity joined the party specially for the gym. Stewart struggled to keep up slightly, but Tiffany blasted her opponents away with her electric attacks!

Lockie breezes through the Stow-On-Side gym challenge.

Lockie and Allister face off before battle.

Lockie wipes away Allister’s starting line-up without breaking a sweat, and before long the battlers are already preparing to send out their final Pokémon.

Madeleine faces off against Allister’s Gengar, and both are quickly dynamaxed, creating a monstrous scene between two enormous brutes.

Madeleine was able to weather the barrage of attacks from the Gengar, and took him down with her amplified max attacks! And so Lockie won her fourth gym badge, from the eerie youth, Allister.

Lockie earns her fourth Gym badge.

After the intense battle, Deirdre evolved into a Dusclops! This means Deirdre is now something of a tank in the party – something that will surely come in handy later in the adventure.

Deirdre evolves into a formidable Dusclops.

Lockie will now have to prepare for the next gym, located in Ballonlea, which specialises in fairy type Pokémon. Rowena the Corviknight is put back into the party, as her steel typing will prove to be advantageous, and Duncan the Drilbur is also coming along – once Lockie evolves him into Excadrill, he will gain the steel type as well.

But first, it seems there is some trouble brewing in Stow-On-Side …




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