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Pokémon Shield – Nuzlocke Challenge

Part 8 – En route to Hammerlocke

Three badges in hand, Lockie is almost halfway through her Gym Challenge. But there is still a long road ahead, and it’s a long way to Hammerlocke. Crossing the Wild Area will take some time, and hopefully Lockie’s team can make it through all in one piece.

With several new routes to traverse, that means Lockie has the chance to catch some brand new team members, and she managed to do just that.

A well rounded bunch, with lots of different typings, each of these new additions will surely prove themselves useful at some stage of Lockie’s journey. For now, Vincent has been added to the team to get some training, as Lockie needs to have a reliable fire type now that we have had to say goodbye to Gloria the Growlithe.

Hammerlocke and the areas beyond will provide a much greater challenge than all the areas we have seen so far, so the team has had a lot of training to get everyone up to scratch. During this training, Chester and Beatrice both evolved!

As Lockie finally closed in on the city, a thunderstorm erupted all around her. The journey suddenly seemed a lot more perilous as wild Manectric started to chase her down, especially seeing as a number of her party are weak to electric attacks! But this didn’t stop her from braving the grass and find the wild Toxel who she was soon naming Tiffany.

An excellent throw by Lockie.

At last Lockie reached her destination, and is able to relax … until she sees exactly how powerful the trainers and their Pokémon are in this area! Safe from the wild and cautious of the trainers, Lockie plans her next move – it looks like another rigorous training session for the team!

Lockie finally makes it through the Wild Area to Hammerlocke




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