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Pokémon Shield – Nuzlocke Challenge

PART 7 – Kabu

The next leg of Lockie’s journey sees her in Motostoke, ready to take on Gym Leader Kabu … well, almost ready! It seems as though Lockie’s team needs more training before taking on this challenge. The loss of three party members is still fresh, and so we will have to put a bit more work into leveling to catch up with the Pokemon around us.

Whilst undergoing training, we had a few evolutions in the team! First was Esther, who has evolved into a rather formidable Meowstic. With particularly high Speed and Special Attack, she just might be our first real sweeper. Next was Cedric who evolved into Drednaw. This gives him the Rock type as well as Water, which means he will be particularly vulnerable to Grass types! The third and final evolution of the training session (and possibly the most exciting) was Madeleine! We now have an almighty Gyarados on our team, and with that Lockie’s team suddenly feels much more viable.

Madeleine the mighty Gyarados

Kabu’s Gym Challenge is an interesting one, as it involves catching/defeating wild Pokemon alongside other challenges to earn points. And as the stadium itself counts as a new area, this means an opportunity to get a new addition to the team, so say hello to Lockie’s new Litwick, Layla!

Layla the Litwick

The rest of the gym challenge was easy enough – defeating the wild fire types before the other contestants was no trouble at all with Lockie’s watery competitors.

And now onto Kabu himself! He is usually quite a tough one to beat, but with a double act of Madeleine and Cedric, his Fire types really didn’t stand a chance against the watery strength of Lockie’s team! It wasn’t long before this gym was conquered. Even the gigantamax Centiskorch went down in just one hit from Cedric the Drednaw.

The next destination for Lockie will be Hammerlocke, which means traversing a new section of the Wild Area, and new areas for Pokemon to be caught. It’s time to really think about who needs training up for the battles ahead, so some of our old friends will have to come out of the box once again.

Part 8 – en route to hammerlocke



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