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Pokémon Shield – Nuzlocke Challenge

Part 5 – Milo

So here we are, at the first Gym Battle! Honestly, I’m not even remotely worried about this one. Milo is pretty small time, with only two Pokémon in his party, both of which are pure Grass types.

Rowena led the charge with the Gym Trainers in the mission (which I think is a really funny mission, herding Wooloo!). No problems encountered here as Lockie breezed through, and onto the actual battle itself!

Wooloo successfully herded!

Our safest option here was Oberon, with his Grass/Poison typing, he receives only a quarter of the damage from Grass attacks! And this plan worked perfectly, his health stayed firmly above half! It only took two shots of Max Ooze to send Milo’s Eldegoss packing!

Milo approaches Lockie on the Stadium grounds.

Lockie graciously accepted the Grass Badge from Milo, and started planning the journey ahead. I put Gloria and Rowena in the box for a little rest, and took Lillian as we will need her Grass typing against the Water Gym Leader, Nessa. I also took Madeleine, hopefully she will evolve into Gyarados quite soon!

First badge in hand!

New areas mean new Pokémon to catch! First I took a quick trip back to the Wild Area to visit South Lake Miloch, as the intense sunshine meant there were some different Pokémon hanging around. I ended up catching a Nincanda, who I named Nancy! Baltoy and Roselia were the other possibilities, but I guess I can find a use for another Bug Pokémon … is Lockie a secret Bug Maniac?

Catching Nincanda is technically like catching two Pokémon.

Now we are back on track and heading to Route 5, where there are quite a few possibilities for our encounter! But the first to show herself was Espurr, who Lockie captured in one throw and named Esther! I’m pretty happy with this, Psychic is one of my favourite types so it’s always good to have another one on board.

Esther seems to like to show off, if this pose is anything to go by.

It wasn’t long before she was showing us what she can do, as she took down an Applin two levels higher than herself with no worries at all! Esther easily took down the rest of the route trainers, including a couple of punks from Team Yell, and then Lockie ran into Hop once more, who of ocurse was waiting for another battle.

Esther was around half health, so I didn’t feel like risking her in this battle – Oberon was the way to go here! That is until Corvisquire came out. After a successful dose of Sleep Powder and then a direct hit from Oberon’s Acid attack, he soon woke up and quickly had Oberon down to very low yellow health … thankfully Gautier is beefy enough to take any amount of pecking, and his new Electric typing takes away the Super Effective status of Flying type moves.

With that victory, it wasn’t long before Lockie found herself in Hulbury, home to the Water Gym. Next time we will be taking on Nessa and hopefully claiming her badge!

part 6 – nessa



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