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Pokémon Shield – Nuzlocke Challenge

Part 4 – The Gym Challenge

Welcome back to Lockie’s Nuzlocke Challenge! Lockie has made it to Motostoke, and I spent a little bit of time polishing her team so that she doesn’t fall behind. During this, Lillian and Gaspar both evolved, and I’m feeling much more confident with the team and ready to press on.

Lockie and Hop got themselves registered to take part in the Gym Challenge, then went to the Budew Drop Inn to stay the night, in preparation for the opening ceremony which was due to take place the following day. It was in the lobby here that Lockie came across Team Yell for the first time, but they proved to be no threat at all – Beatrice’s Struggle Bug soon dispatched the Dark types that were sent out to oppose us!

After a bit of poking around the city, Lockie found a couple of useful items, Miracle Seed and Silk Scarf. These items boost the power of Grass type moves and Normal type moves, respectively. They will help certain members of the team pack an even bigger punch. Lockie also came across a quiet spot by the river where she could do a bit of fishing! Seemed like the perfect chance to catch a new Pokémon for this area – and the result was a Magikarp! Lockie captured the splashing fish and named her Madeleine. The other options from the fishing spot were Chewtle and Barboach, but ultimately I think Gyarados will be more helpful than the others. Madeleine is going to the box for now, but I’m sure she will come out later.

Useless for now, but perhaps a life saver in the long run?

The next day Lockie headed to the stadium where she took part in the opening ceremony of the Gym Challenge, which means that we are finally on the road to the first Gym leader, Milo!

The crowds cheer on, which is slightly macabre bearing in mind this is a Nuzlocke.

Before any of that though, as usual Hop wants to test his stuff against Lockie and her team. Thankfully we have Gloria now who can deal with Rookidee, the most worrisome member of his team! It wasn’t long before he conceded defeat and we moved on to Route 3, and our next capture – Rookidee! She was named Rowena, and put into the party in place of Lillian for now.

Beatrice is turning out to be a real asset to the team, which is a nice surprise for me (I hadn’t used the Blipbug evolution line until this point). Her typing means that she has the advantage over a good number of my opponents, and she has excellent defenses, so most attacks are practically bouncing off her!

We love you Beatrice!

Galar Mine was easy enough to traverse, I used it as a chance to level up Oberon by taking on the trainers with their Rock type Pokémon. As there are no random encounters in caves anymore, I ran into the first Pokémon I saw spwan, which was Roggenrola! Another easy catch, I soon found myself naming him Roland. I placed him in the box for now, as the first two gyms are Grass and Water … not exactly his strong points. The other Pokémon to find here were Rolycoly, Diglett, Drilbur, Woobat and Timburr, and frankly I’m just happy I didn’t encounter the last two on that list.

Roland is sure to come in handy once the first two Gyms are out of the way.

Lockie encountered Bede at the end of the mine. He didn’t stand a chance against Gautier, and was defeated with ease. Next up is Route 4, final stop before Turffield where we will face our first Gym Leader!

The golden fields of Route 4 were hiding many Pokémon, but Meowth was the one to jump out at Lockie! She was captured with no problem and named Martha. She has been boxed, but may make an appearance later.

Just before we stepped into Turffield, we got a double evolution from one match! Gautier and Oberon, who evolved into Charjabug and Gloom!

And then two battles later, Rowena also evolved into Corvisquire! Lockie’s team is looking much more intimidating with these latest changes, and we’re more than ready to take on Milo!

Bigger and better, and ready to take on Milo!

Next time Lockie will be entering Turffield Gym and hopefully claiming Milo’s Badge! Wish us luck!

Part 5 – Milo



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