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My Pokémon Gym

This post is part of a small collaboration project with Robert Ian Sheperd of Adventure Rules – see the original post here.

So what does my Pokémon Gym look like? First let’s start with where I would decide to set up shop.

Azalea Town would be my number one spot for where I would want my Gym. I love azaleas for a start (they’re one of my favourite plants) and I have always liked Slowpoke Well, and was amused by the idea of a city pretty much brimming with Slowpoke. Also, let’s face it: Bugsy isn’t all that tough. It wouldn’t take much convincing that I would be the better choice as Gym Leader.

Pokémon Heart Gold/Soul Silver: Azalea Town

A theme? I don’t think I would want to follow a type theme – I certainly have my preferences, but part of me always wished the Gyms would have a bit more variety, for the sake of giving some extra challenge. It doesn’t feel that tough when you can steamroll all the Gym trainers and the Leader with a single Pokémon with a clear type advantage, without even needing to head over to the Pokémon Centre because this single Poké is now totally overlevelled…

I would probably choose a trio of types, and my gut reaction to this option is Water, Psychic and Ghost.

All good gyms have a puzzle of some sort to solve, or if not a puzzle then at least an aesthetic. I quite like the format of Norman’s gym from Gen 3, where you have a selection of rooms, each one warning you of what the trainer relies on before you enter, and you have to battle your way through the rooms to reach the Gym Leader. Well what if we combine this concept (although I might take the notes away, I don’t want to make my Gym too easy!) with an aesthetic that is borrowed from another game entirely … In The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time there is a particular room within the Water Temple where you fight Shadow Link. It appears to be a vast, mysterious, watery plain, with a ghostly mist hanging over it. Upon defeating Shadow Link, the illusion is lifted and it is a regular room. What if you enter the trainer’s room to an environment similar to this, and the illusion lifts once you beat the trainer? I feel like this would tie in really well with the Ghost/Psychic theming.

Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time – Mini Boss room in the Water Temple

Okay, so we’ve got the location, the theme, and the “puzzle” … I guess that just leaves one thing to talk about right?


  • Double Team
  • Rain Dance
  • Scald
  • Thunder
Starmie is one of my favourites, fast enough to get in there first, with a fairly high Special Attack that would prove to be threatening to any under-prepared team.


  • Double Team
  • Calm Mind
  • Stored Power
  • Morning Sun
Another one of my favourites, this particular moveset could be devastating if you can’t take him down quick enough.


  • Hypnosis
  • Nightmare
  • Dream Eater
  • Shadow Ball
Gengar boasts very high Speed and Special Attack, so you better take him out before he gets the better of you with this debilitating moveset.


  • Coil
  • Recover
  • Waterfall
  • Toxic
Milotic is a total tank, high HP and Special Defence, with fair Defence, it takes quite a beating before it goes down!


  • Superpower
  • Psychocut
  • Night Slash
  • Hypnosis
Malamar has an excellent design and I think he fits in with the theme here perfectly. Decent stats all round, but he becomes a real powerhouse when you combine Superpower with the Contrary ability!


  • Sacred Sword
  • Iron Head
  • Shadow Claw
  • Double Team
Aegislash has a great ability, Stance Change. Status moves trigger the shield stance with high Defences, and attacking moves trigger the sword stance with high Attack/Special Attack and Speed. Can you take it down before Double Team gets used?



A guy who loves games more than he should, and decided that writing about them might be a good idea.

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