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Red Dead Redemption 2

Well, firstly I should confess that I never played the first Red Dead Redemption, but I did carry some basic knowledge of the game from what I’ve seen on the odd YouTube video here and there.

I decided to give this one a go, and that was a decision I certainly did not regret.

The story is so deep, I think there are lots of small details which could easily go unnoticed for anyone not paying proper attention (slightly guilty of this on my first playthrough) and the characters are the same really – if you interact with the camp and do all side missions, then you will get a feel for each character and quickly decide who you like and dislike – and doing this makes the story much more impactful for you as a player!

You’re also able to make decisions on how the protagonist, Arthur, proceeds with different story and side missions. The “Honour” bar keeps track of how good or bad a person your Arthur is. I feel that this is another thing which will greatly impact how you react to the story, I know for a fact that I found myself getting very emotional at certain pivotal points.

There’s plenty to be getting on with as well, very little chance of you getting bored! Besides the story and the side missions, there’s hunting for legendary animals, bounties to collect, gangs and their hideouts to wipe out, lots of secrets concealed throughout the world, and of course collectables!

You will also be able to dress up your protagonist with a wide variety of options, which is always a good thing for me! My first Arthur was a clean, well-dressed gentleman, whereas my second was a rugged, scruffy cowboy. There are so many options, made even better by the fact you have the ability to keep multiple outfits in your loadout.

Weapons are another customisable factor in the game, there are a fair few to choose from, and different materials that you can use to give them your own personal look. (As well as actual attachments that offer practical boosts)

The world itself is stunning, a beautiful open world which you will most likely be marveling at as you ride through it on horseback – it’s truly a credit to the design team.

This is definitely a game I recommend for anyone who enjoys open world story-driven games!

  • Platform: Playstation 4, Xbox One, PC
  • Release Date: 26/10/18 (Console), 05/11/19 (PC)
  • Genre: Action, Adventure, Shooter