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A Hobbit’s Brain Training – Week 1

Week 1 of my Brain Training with Dr. Kawashima, and what an interesting week it has been!

A rather shameful start with the abysmal brain age of 72, I think my results have really improved as the week has gone by. The tests that determine my brain age each day are randomised, some I am quite good at, but there are some where I definitely need to improve!

Here are my brain age test stats for each day of the past week:

The most shocking thing to me is that my short-term memory seems to be the best thing on show here, when I have always considered my memory to be famously bad. Some of the exercises I find very tricky, but I manage to get through them at an apparently impressive rate.

I have found my processing speed to be the most disappointing. Previously I thought this would be something I am better at, but evidently not. My best age in this category so far has been 43! Well, I guess there wouldn’t be much point to brain training if there were no improvements to be made.

With any luck, the next week of results will show off something slightly less underwhelming!

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A Hobbit’s Brain Training

Guess who bought Dr. Kawashima’s Brain Training for Nintendo Switch! Me, of course, why else would I be talking about it?

I thought it might be fun to document my progress each week, and hopefully we might see a positive trend in the results.

So as this is my introductory post, I’d better announce my first brain age result!

My initial brain age, 72.

As Dr. Kawashima told me … that’s a little underwhelming! I have to admit, there were a few teething problems on the first day. Some of the exercises involve you writing numbers or letters on the screen with the provided stylus. The software was … struggling somewhat, to understand some of the things I entered – in particular, 8s. I did later figure out what the issue was – the most abstract of issues you could possibly imagine. Turns out, I start writing my 8s from the bottom, and apparently the norm is to start from the top? Once I figured out that little gem, it shaved off several seconds on my future training sessions.

So, fingers crossed and wish me luck – let’s see if I can improve!