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A Hobbit’s Brain Training

Guess who bought Dr. Kawashima’s Brain Training for Nintendo Switch! Me, of course, why else would I be talking about it?

I thought it might be fun to document my progress each week, and hopefully we might see a positive trend in the results.

So as this is my introductory post, I’d better announce my first brain age result!

My initial brain age, 72.

As Dr. Kawashima told me … that’s a little underwhelming! I have to admit, there were a few teething problems on the first day. Some of the exercises involve you writing numbers or letters on the screen with the provided stylus. The software was … struggling somewhat, to understand some of the things I entered – in particular, 8s. I did later figure out what the issue was – the most abstract of issues you could possibly imagine. Turns out, I start writing my 8s from the bottom, and apparently the norm is to start from the top? Once I figured out that little gem, it shaved off several seconds on my future training sessions.

So, fingers crossed and wish me luck – let’s see if I can improve!


A guy who loves games more than he should, and decided that writing about them might be a good idea.

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